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How to Calculate Construction Cost of Building


In today’s construction industry, managing tenders can be a complex and time-consuming process for general contractors.

Manual methods, such as Excel spreadsheets or outdated software, are often used, which can result in human errors, lack of standardization in estimating and bidding processes, and missed opportunities for monitoring and self-improvement.

This free quick guide by ConWize will walk you through how to calculate the construction cost of a building whilst saving you time and effort.

ConWize‘s cutting-edge platform provides the tools and features needed to standardize estimate and bidding processes, utilize historical estimates data for monitoring and self-improvement, and effectively manage tight deadlines and ongoing projects.

The solution also provides the ability to plan and manage contractual engagements, along with a complete and digital procurement process at the execution phase. ConWize’s users experience a remarkable ROI in less than 3 months!