How does Trending Now’s Artificial Intelligence work?

Trending Now is the leading digital publication business. The top trending articles are aggregated by our AI software and verified by our editorial teams, then distributed via email newsletters.

A rolling online newsfeed aligned with each product provides a constant summary of the most important industry news and allows users to delve deeper into trending stories.

The newsfeed becomes the one-stop-shop to see the most popular stories in a particular sector 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

AI Technology
Trending Now works with leading publications on the web to capture all the latest news from each of the industries that we cover.

All daily content is checked and reviewed by our editorially driven criteria to make sure it fits the needs of our readers before content is published.

Our Editorial team curates and summarises the most important news for that day which is then distributed through daily and weekly newsletters sent straight to your inbox.