Lack of ‘charging stations’ is the main barrier to going electric, says survey

A new survey by Trending Now Electric Vehicles has revealed that two main reasons to purchase/lease an electric vehicle are saving money on fuel and better design. Over a quarter of respondents selected climate change as the third main reason for going electric. 

It found that 37% of respondents felt the key barrier to purchasing an electric vehicle was the lack of charging stations, while 35% said the answer was shorter travel range and 32% believed it was battery life. Long charging times and manufacturing delays were also amongst the main barriers for going electric. These concerns were consistent among EV owners for their future EV purchases, according to the survey. 

Other survey results included: 

60% of respondents think the main reason to buy an electric vehicle is to save money on fuel, then better design (31%) and climate change (27%).

65% of non-EV owners said they would like to purchase their next car as electric vehicle in the next 1-2 years.

• When asked where they would like to purchase/lease an EV from, 54% of the respondents said they prefer a car reseller, while 37% would be buying directly from a manufacturer.

• The most popular choices of electric vehicles were Tesla (18%), BMW (18%), Mercedes (16%), and Toyota (14%).

The survey polled 1,195 people online in 2024, including EV enthusiasts and business professionals from architecture to construction, from engineering to manufacturing sectors.  

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